Public Housing

Creating & Updating Applications for Admission

How does your Application measure up?


  • Compliant with current statutes, regulations and HUD guidance

  • Compliant with Fair Housing requirements

  • Comprehensive - Asks all questions needed for determining Eligibility & Suitability

  • Questions are written in simple English so that a person with limited comprehension skills knows exactly what information to provide

  • Does not allow for “not applicable/NA” responses

  • Requires all adult family members to sign under penalty of perjury


  • Limited information and instructions provided

  • Does not ask enough questions to capture needed information

  • Asks prohibited questions

  • Allows yes and no responses without requiring explanations

  • Uses acronyms or words in the assisted housing industry that a non-housing person may not understand

  • Does not provide adequate space for handwritten responses


  • Lacks clear instructions

  • Provides no information about the application process

  • Has not been reviewed and updated annually to incorporate changes in regulations and statutes

  • Does not gather language and reasonable accommodation needs

  • Asks vague and generalized questions that complicate the interview process

  • When was the last time you updated your application?

  • When was the last tine you updated your application?

    Participants attending this course will learn how to Create & Update Applications for Admission that protect the agency from discrimination claims and can be used in evictions or other legal actions. They will also learn how to compose questions in simple English to encourage more accurate responses, and what information and instructions are needed in a complete application packet. A sample application form, instructions, and information sheet will be provided as guides for creating a quality application for your Agency.

    This class is great for: Executive Directors, Occupancy Staff, Waiting List Management Staff, and Receptionists and Front Desk Staff!

    Duration: 1 hour and 11 minutes

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    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed
    • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever