Two Flexible Pricing Options to Meet Your Training Needs

Subscription Plan

Agency on-demand training for your whole staff.

  • Access to All OnDemand Trainings
  • Access for Your Agency Staff
  • Keep Track of Staff Completed Trainings
  • Access to New Trainings as They Come Out

General Subscription

starting at
$3,289.00 /annual

Consortium Partners 

starting at 
$2,739.00 /annual

If you are interested in an OnDemand Training subscription, please contact us at 817-922-9000. We will get your account setup and you will be on your way. 

Prefer to Pay As You Go?

Instead of paying an annul recurring charge, you can buy courses as needed through our course catalog.

Changes in Regulations
OnDemand presentations were produced with the most up-to-date federal laws, regulations and/or guidance at the time of their recording. In the event any applicable law, regulation and/or guidance is modified or eliminated, or a new law, regulation and/or guidance is adopted by governing entities, the revised new law, regulation and/or guidance shall, to the extent inconsistent with these presentations, automatically rule and take precedence. State and local laws, ordinance, rules, etc. are not specifically addressed in these presentations. Please follow the "Common Rule" to determine applicability.
The Nelrod Company and instructors are not responsible for any subsequent changes to federal or state regulations, notices, local policies and procedures, or core actions. The presentations are not intended to address individual policies and procedures, which may vary from agency to agency.