Choosing & Applying for Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

Is Your Agency Considering or Implementing RAD?

Does your staff feel comfortable and knowledgeable about determining if RAD may be best suited for your agency? Do staff know how to successfully apply for RAD, and how to conduct property management operations to maximize rental income potential? This course is designed to enable staff to feel more confident moving forward with repositioning and RAD. Participants will receive an overview about how to do a market study to identify what is needed to make properties competitive for the long term, and how to perform an initial repositioning assessment to see if RAD may work for each property. The requirements and best practices for implementing the RAD stages, from Strategic Planning through receiving the RAD Conversion Commitment, will be provided in this training.

Topics discussed:

  • Comprehensive RAD Resource Library

  • Overview of How to Determine If RAD Option Is Worth Detailed Study with Developer

  • Explanation of RAD, RAD Sect. 18 Demolition/Disposition Blend, and Streamlined RAD

  • Pre-RAD Application Requirement: Resident Communications

  • RAD Application

  • RAD Commitment to Enter into HAP Contract (CHAP)

  • Pre-Financing Plan Front-End Civil Rights Review

  • Pre-Financing Plan Requirements for Resident Communications

  • Financing Plan

  • Accepting RAD Conversion Commitment

  • Preparing for Post-Conversion Property Management

This class is great for: CEOs/Executive Directors, Property Managers and Property Management Staff, Owners, Housing Agency Occupancy Directors, Modernization and Development Staff, Quality Control Staff, and Board Members!

Duration: 3 hours and 50 minutes

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever